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Kudos to Kovalam in Kerala

Kovalam in Kerala
Kovalam in Kerala

One of the oldest tourist enclaves in India, Kovalam in Kerala homes some of the most fascinating beaches in India. Apart from its colourful scenery and magnificent architectures, Kovalam is also lauded for its relaxing and healthy ayurvedic massages.

Well, embracing a trip to Kovalam was a unanimous decision of ours as we were all in a desperate need of a break. Thus, nothing could have been better than Kovalam to break our monotony.

The word ‘Kovalam’ suggests the ‘groves of coconuts.’ True to its name, you will find plenty of coconut trees, penned along the white sandy shorelines of Kovalam beaches. Though, I would suggest you to visit Kovalam during the months of November and December, to avoid the humidity.

There are numerous bus services to commute within the town. But we chose to take the trip to the Lighthouse Beach with an auto rickshaw. It was fun as we enjoyed the cool breeze, ventilating from both sides of the vehicle, making the trip even more relaxing and peaceful.

The Light House Beach is blessed with picturesque panoramas with a rustic touch of the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. The Lighthouse gave us an excellent view of the Kovalam skyline from the very top. One can surely never be bored during the Kovalam tour. We walked along the silent shoreline and also dug on some delicious sea food served by the little eateries settled near the beach. These eateries serve sea-food like crabs, lobsters and fishes. You just have to choose the fish and they will cook it for you. Kovalam Tour is incomplete without feasting on the delicious sea-food. Many of the tourists also come to the beach to enjoy the magical sunset. So to capture the moment, we clicked several beautiful photos. The backdrop of orange and golden hues of the sleepy sun in our images is simply fascinating. We also spotted huge rocks, enveloped with layers of big black crabs. And its out of this world to scrutinies them, closely.

As the darkness enveloped the skies, it felt as if the beach had a veiled a majestic nocturnal life of its own. It started gleaming with beautiful street lamps making the moment indescribable. We enjoyed the stroll and headed back to our haven.

Kovalam Tour
Kovalam Tour

We visited Neyyar village, the next day and enjoyed our closeness with the giant elephants. We fed them, saw them taking bath and also caressed the baby elephants. It was hard to believe that one day those baby elephants would grow into massive creatures and would not be so easily approached by us. It was fun at Neyyar and our trip was followed by the visit to Poovar and several more beaches. We could not keep a check of the passing hours as we were so enthralled by the beauty of Kovalam in Kerala. We lost the track of the time and the three – day visit to Kovalam. It was time to say goodbye to Kovalam. We packed our bags, left the hotel and on our way to the railhead, made a silent promise to visit Kovalam once again.

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