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Spot the beauty of floral varieties in Munnar in Kerala

Munnar Hillstation
Munnar Hillstation

“The Earth laughs in flowers,” opined Ralph Waldo Emerson. And of course, it does.  Disguised as angelic incarnations, flowers bestow the best of nature’s beauty. In spite of not being botanists or even scientists, our love for these floral benedictions is immeasurable. So, where to head for? Our unsaturated desire gestured for the Valley of Flowers. Well, indeed, who wouldn’t? But we chose Munnar in Kerala. Extolled mainly for its scenic beauty, Munnar tour is an excellent exploration.

The exotic and natural beauty of flower plants in Munnar Hill Station has always attracted the travellers from across the globe. There are around 15,000 species of flowers blooming in Munnar. We made a list of the tourist places in Munnar and star marked the places where the flowers can be seen in abundance. These scented flowers a phenomenal charm to the majestic beauty of these lands.  Following are the list of flowers that we  explored.

So read and soak yourself in their mystical fragrance:

Neelakurunji:  Lauded as the charm of Munnar, Neelakurunji (or passionately called by the botanists as Strobilanthum Kunthianum) bathes in the hills, in blue, once in every twelve years. This flower with 40 odd varieties blossoms mostly in hues of blue and thus it is called Neelakurunji, ‘Neela’ meaning ‘blue’ and ‘Kurunji’ is the local name of the flower.  Kovilur, Kadavari, Rajamala and  Eravikulam National Park are the spots in Munnar where Neelakurunji are seen in abundance. Undoubtedly, they are one of the major attractions of Munnar.  And yes, we are gearing up for 2018, the next blooming season.

Roses: Different species and colours of rose plants are found in Munnar. They are found here ranging from size, colour, compact from shrubs to climbers. It is heavenly to see the climbing roses carpeting the entire house from outside.  They are found in almost every tourist places in Munnar.

Munnar Tour
Munnar Tour

Jasmine: Munnar is bedecked with varieties of Jasmine. Colourful gardens, indoor plants and cut flowers – they are grown in various ways. Gajra – the flowery ornament is also made with them. They have a very sweet smell and the entire Munnar scents with Jasmine when they are in full bloom.

Bougainvillea: It is the most common flower found in Munnar. They are found in around 15-18 species. Attractively coloured, they are also called as ‘paper flowers’ because the bracts are thin and papery.

Orchids: Munnar sees the profuse growth of Orchids. They are not difficult to grow but require certain atmosphere and minerals for their nourishment. Delicate little wild orchids are found spontaneously growing on the trees and rocks  of Munnar.

Someone has truly said that people who choose to deny God don’t spend enough time looking at tulips, orchids or roses. Remember the musical album by Ringo Starr, stop and smell the roses? Now indeed you can smell them, at least in Munnar.

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Recounting the Enchanting Attractions of Munnar – 2nd part

Next morning, we were supposed to go for sightseeing. The driver picked us up from the hotel and we were out for another beautiful experience to visit Neelakurinji. Though it was March, yet the temperature fluctuated dramatically. As we were loaded up on bottled waters, we could easily deal with the hot weather. Finally we reached Neelakurinji, which was a sight to behold.

Munnar Trip
Munnar Trip

Neelakurinji is a flower, which is found high on the mountains. Based on our guide’s knowledge, we came to know that the flower blooms once in every 12 years.

Having a wish to see the blooming flower, we left for Anamudi Peak. Known as the highest peak in South India, it captured us for a long time. I and Sherry just could not take off our eyes from the gorgeous sights. A drive in the hill station is totally a refreshing experience as you come across many beautiful sights that lift up your mood.

Mattupetti Dam was the next part of our exploration. Just 10 km from Munnar, it is a splendid dam with boating arrangements in its reservoir area. We saw many people with their family. With its fascinating atmosphere, it becomes a great place for picnic.

After that, comes the Echo Point. As the name suggests, the place ‘Eco Point’ allowed us to hear the reverberations of our voice. Our next halt was at Kundala, another pristine location. It has an angelic dam site. We drove back to the hotel and treated our taste buds with the delicious food.

Sherry told that next day we would be visiting Devikulam. As we started, I was unable to hold back my excitement. This small yet sensuous little town just mesmerized us with its lovely lawns and beautiful plantations. The mist-coated hills and fresh mountain air multiplied our joy of our trip to Munnar.

We also visited Sita Devi Lake. It is famous for trout fishing. While passing through the roads, we could see the locals, enjoying working in tea gardens with their families. The sight forced us to think that how these people could enjoy working outside with such enthusiasm whereas we even get tired while sitting in our cabins with all the modern facilities! May be this is the charm and aura of hill station that keep your refreshed with its cool air and natural surroundings.

Sita Devi Lake
Sita Devi Lake

At the end of our tour, I insisted Sherry to buy some tea packets from shopping outlets in Munnar as I wanted to take home the magical aroma, I smelled there. We bought few packets and came back to our hotel. Next day, we were back to New Delhi for further journey.

All I could say after that trip is, we were even more happy, contended and refreshed with our Kerala visit!!

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Munnar –The Quaint Hill Station with Beauty and Harmony

I was not aware that my wish to visit India would be coming true too soon. It was a surprise planned by Sherry, my husband. Traveling India second time with my husband was really unforgettable. Well,  we were on a weeklong trip to Kerala.I would like to share my experience of Munnar Trip that still makes me delighted.

Munnar Trip
Munnar Trip

From New Delhi, we took a flight to reach Kerala. We landed at Cochin International Airport where we were received by our tour assistance. He drove us to the hotel in Munnar, which took around 4 and half hours.

Though we were exhausted, yet the eagerness to see ‘Munnar’ overcame the fatigue of journey. Sherry just made me delighted with another surprise, which was the hotel room. The room was facing a beautiful view of the lush greenery and the fragrance of the air kept our mood delighted. After taking rest, we were ready to catch the best glimpses of this beautiful hill station.

I found Munnar the most beautiful hill station that I had ever visited. Snuggled in the lap of an appealing terrain, Munnar is a must visit place.

We discussed our guide about the tour itinerary and we left for our first attractionEravikulam National Park. This sanctuary was set up for the protection of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Fortunately, we could spot them. Seeing animals in their natural habitat makes you feel as if you are their guests. You would be a bit hesitating but they will not. Followed by our guide, we could also spot the Elephants, Gaurs, Langurs, Tigers, Leopards and atlas moth.

Eravikulam National Park
Eravikulam National Park

For me, watching tigers was a scary experience due to its wild and threatened look but I saw Sherry was enjoying it rather. We also heard about Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary but at that moment, we could not visit it and left.

The day ended and we were back to hotel. While relishing traditional Kerala food, we were exchanging thoughts about that day’s visit. Soon, we left for the room and fell asleep.

                                                                                                          To Be Continued…

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Experience the Pristine Beauty of Nature during Munnar Tour

Munnar Tour
Munnar Tour

Munnar is one of the famous tourist destinations of Kerala where tourists come in a large number to feel the charm and glory of nature. Though I have heard and read about this mystic destination several times but I have felt its soul stimulating beauty during my Munnar tour last weekend. This is a beautiful Kerala tourist destination situated at an altitude of 5200 feet above sea level in the Idukki district. This is a premium hill station of this place located at the confluence of three Mountain rivers namely Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala which meet in the centre of the town.

Large number of tourists from several parts of the globe comes here to spend memorable and pleasurable holidays amidst serene and scenic natural ambiance. The incomparable beauty of this scenic land provides solace to the weary souls. This hill station is also a favoured destination for adventure freaks. The popular adventure activities of this place are rock climbing, trekking and paragliding.

Major attractions which we covered during our Munnar Tour are:


The beauty of gorgeous greenery with mountain backdrop makes this place a beautiful and romantic destination which calls on scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. Velvet lawns, cool mountain air, scenic landscapes, diverse flora and exotic fauna make this place an enchanting destination. Beautiful Sita Devi Lake and spectacular Pallivasal Waterfalls are the two foremost attractions of this place. Sita Devi Lake is a wonderful place to enjoy leisure or picnic. Trout fishing can be enjoyed here by tourists.

Eravikulam National Park

The diverse collection of flora, fauna and bird species make this place a popular destination for spending pleasurable holidays. It is one of the popular wildlife reserves of India where tourists come in large number for watching the wild animals in their natural habitat. This national park sprawled over an area of 97 km. The Tropical Evergreen Forest, Shola trees and rolling grassland dominate the flora of this sanctuary which nurtures a variety of wild animals. This park was founded in the year 1975 with an aim to protect the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Some of the other wild animals which can be seen during a safari at this place are lion-tailed macaque, nilgiri langu, tigers, leopards and several species of birds.


The unending stretch of tea and spice gardens makes this place a renowned tourist destination which calls on scores of tourists round the year. This plantation hub of Munnar is situated at a distance of 6 km from the city center. The scenic beauty of rolling hills, tea plantations and dense vegetation makes it a famous destination of Kerala Tourism. Apart from offering sheer natural beauty this place also provides facilities for adventure sports.

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