Sojourn over the Vast Backwaters with Traditional Kerala Houseboats

It evokes memories and feelings of nostalgia for me while sharing my experience to stay in a Kerala houseboat. Well, this delightful event happened to me on my 2nd wedding anniversary when Andrew, my husband revealed the surprise. That was the first time when we visited Kerala and specially booked a Kerala houseboat tour to celebrate the occasion.

Kerala Houseboat
Kerala Houseboat

We started off at Cochin. The tranquility and serenity of place charmed us. A Kerala houseboat is locally called as ‘Kettuvallam’. These are of different types, out of which, we booked a fully furnished single bedroom luxury houseboat.  On being reached at our houseboat, we were served with a welcome drink. It was coconut juice after drinking which, we felt refreshed.

We explored the houseboat to find out the other sections of this ‘Floating Palace’. Then, we got to know that it was the suitable one for us to enjoy the special occasion. It was provided with sun deck, private balcony and all other modern facilities. The houseboats in Kerala had a separate dining area with comfortable chairs and a well-maintained toilet.

Kerala, the land of lagoons, rivers, lakes, beaches and backwaters is my dream destination and on visiting it, I felt contended. It was unbelievable to see that serving as the popular attractions in Kerala, these houseboats were made by joining Anjili wood panes along with coir ropes and still, these houseboats do not lack anywhere in durability. Use of Eco-friendly material like bamboo poles, bamboo mats, coconut fibre ropes and coir carpets gives these Kerala houseboats a traditional look.

Well, enjoying the luxury in Kerala houseboats, we reached Alappuzha Backwaters. The backwaters mainly covers the four districts of Kerala that include Kollam, Alleppey or Alappuzha, Kottayam and Kochi. Sitting back while the boat cruises through the compressed serene backwater canals, is a different fun, which gives a new height to your Kerala houseboat tour.

We enjoyed our lunch, which was more than enough for two people. It included local dishes like rice, fish fry, sambar, papad, thoran, pickle and vegetable salad. The food was too good that its delectable taste made us relaxing for some time.

In evening, we went on the sundeck, which is an ideal way to revive yourself amidst a tranquil ambiance. We preferred coffee with snacks including Banana Fry, which had a traditional Kerala flavour. After dinner, we went on bed. I was so excited to know the next day travel plan that included a visit to Kumarakom. Kerala houseboat vacation is simply a great experience for every couple.

Kerala Houseboat Cuisine
Kerala Houseboat Cuisine

Next morning, after treating our taste buds with scrumptious Appam with Egg Curry, we started off cruising to Kumarakom backwaters, through the most popular Vembanad Lake. Innumerable lagoons, canals, lakes, estuaries and lakes form the 900 km backwater network of Kerala. That was most probably the best way to experience the magical charm of Kerala backwaters. We had a romantic time overnight in houseboat.

The next morning was our departure. Though we had to spend some extra bucks for a luxury houseboat but the experience was worthy. The moments, we captured in our camera shed off my sadness to depart from such a beautiful land.


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Travel to Alleppey for a Truly Awesome Experience

While reading about Kerala in a travel magazine, I recalled my Alleppey Tour which I enjoyed with my husband last month. We planned our trip when the winters were approaching. Started from Delhi, we went Kerala by flight. This greatest tourist destination of India captivated our attention since our marriage. Eventually, we could plan it after 5 years but it was worth-doing.

Alleppey Houseboat Travel
Alleppey Houseboat Travel

Wherever I got to know about Alleppey, one thing common that I found was its backwaters. The increasing popularity of these backwaters forced us to visit them first. Alleppey backwaters are a network of natural waterways that connect different towns and villages in Kerala. Being beautiful and very peaceful, they offer you ample opportunities to relax.

As we wanted to make the most of our time so we stayed in a luxury hotel. It helped us to enjoy our tour at its best without worrying about the things like where to eat and stay.

The Alleppey canal side is worth to mention here. This is the most sophisticated way of seeing the land that envelops them. We went by houseboat which was truly an amazing house on a boat. Having never been on a houseboat I was very excited. The cruising on houseboats was a truly memorable experience. It felt great to be far away from the crowd of the city and that too, enjoying cruising amidst the water. By visiting beautiful backwaters and beaches, we made the most of our tour.

Alleppey Backwaters
Alleppey Backwaters

The crew was very supportive and it made our journey more comfortable. As we set off, my husband started admiring scenery and was also sharing his knowledge about this land. The cruise ended but we did not feel like detaching from that little houseboat. Keeping the delightful memories afresh in my heart, I headed to a small village with my husband. There we strolled around and captured the beautiful glimpses of the sunset.

The visit that we paid to Krishnapuram Palace, was one of its kind experience. Far away from the commotion of city life, being in a Greenland and you suddenly find something which you could only imagine is something that you cannot afford to miss. Built in 18th century by King Marthanda Varma, it is well-known for its impressive murals. Revealing the legend of Gajendramoksham, it houses a rich collection of antique sculpture, bronzes and paintings.

The shimmering backwaters, the peaceful journey and exciting cruising altogether made our Alleppey tour truly unforgettable.

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