Soothing Touch of Nature with Ayurveda in Kerala

If you are looking for a refreshing escape, then Kerala is the best place to visit in India. Drained from my work routine and hectic life, I decided to embark on Kerala Ayurveda tour to rejuvenate myself. Like always, my boss renounced me from taking leaves and it took me one week to persuade him. I simply do not understand why these people become so inactive when it comes to approving leaves.

Finally, I got the leaves and engrossed in my own world, set out for my Kerala Ayurveda trip. Heading to Kerala by air, I thought all the way about which Ayurveda package should I opt to get a complete rejuvenating experience.

Sarovaram Ayurvedic Backwater Resort Kollam
Sarovaram Ayurvedic Backwater Resort Kollam

I got to know about the famous Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. The list included:

  • Keraleeyam  Ayurvedic Resort – Alleppey
  • Athreya Ayurvedic Resorts – Kottayam
  • Somatheeram Ayurvedic Spa  Resort – Thiruvananthapuram
  • Kairali Ayurvedic Spa Resort – Palakkad
  • Harmonia Ayurveda Beach Garden – Thiruvananthapuram

But my search ended with Sarovaram Ayurvedic Backwater Resort in Kollam. I got to know few important things about Ayurveda, which I am sharing with you. Originated thousands of years ago, Ayurveda in Kerala has been serving as an age-old science for healing. The word Ayurveda combines two terms including ‘Ayur’ meaning ‘Life’ and ‘Veda’ meaning Science.

A soothing place at the lakeside, calm and homely, the Ayurveda resort at Kollam houses a lush garden, clean accommodation and good food. Then, it was the time to go for Ayurveda treatment. I met Ayurveda Doctor who was very caring and friendly and helped me out to plan an Ayurveda package for me, considering my body type.

The massage, steam bath and the therapies were relaxing as well as reinvigorating. I was completely soaked with medicated oil and the fingers of the female masseurs were casting a spell on me. The Ayurveda doctor also recommended me several exercises that benefited me a lot. There is a unique treatment for different body types, depending upon which ‘Prakriti’ you belong to.

The popular Ayurveda treatments I came across at Kerala Ayurveda resort included:

Abhayangam: It is an Ayurveda body massage with special oils. Besides relaxation, it results into preventing ailments, aging and increases immunity.

Abhayangam Massage
Abhayangam Massage

Dhara Kalpa: This Ayurveda therapy proves beneficial for curing chronic diseases like stress, insomnia, hysteria, headache and insanity. Done with a mix of herbal oil, ghee, milk, coconut water combined with citrus fruits and vegetables, the massage is quite relaxing.

Kativasthi: It serves as a panacea for all spinal related issues including backaches, spondylitis, muscle spasms, osteoporosis and slipped disc. A herbal dough paste filled with warm herbal oil is used for this therapy.

Njavarakizhi: It is an excellent therapy for treating rheumatism, arthritis and other muscle associated disorders. The massage is followed by a steam bath.

My experience of Kerala Ayurveda tour was a successful endeavour that aided me to accumulate my hidden energy. So, when you are heading for a Ayurveda trip to Kerala?

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Kerala Ayurveda–A Way of Holistic Healing!

Ayurveda in Kerala
Ayurveda in Kerala

My interest in Ayurveda developed when I was in college. During that period, I got to know about Ayurveda and I started believing in the miracles of Ayurvedic therapies. Having heard and read a lot about Kerala Ayurveda, I decided to experience the same and left for Kerala, the ‘Green Paradise’.

On being reached one of the Ayurveda center in Alleppey, I came across a collection of remedial programms, massages and yoga procedures. After consulting with the expert professionals, I decided to undergo ‘Panchkarma’ treatment with full body massage to get rid of stress and fatigue caused by hectic daily routine. A woman masseur poured lots of oil and her gentle touch worked wonders and I felt relieving of all the stress and fatigue.

During my Kerala Ayurveda Tour, I got to know different aspects of Ayurveda. Here is a brief:

Concept of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is basically a science of life. This holistic science of life has the power to cure your body in a natural way. Considered as the perfect system of healing, Ayurveda emphasizes on the benefits of taking personal responsibility for one’s own well-being by imparting complete health knowledge.

Ayurveda in Kerala

Kerala is an ideal place to experience Ayurvedic therapies. It is the land where Ayurveda has been practiced for a long time. As a result, now there are many Ayurveda resorts, providing you Ayurvedic treatments through spa, massage and different therapies.

The therapies rejuvenate the body technique and treat the health problems besides facilitating basic fitness. Several of the popular Kerala ayurveda treatment plans include spa treatment plans, panchakarma, oil therapeutic massage yoga and meditation.

Some famous Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala are:

  • Aquaserene Ayurvedic Resort
  • The Ashtamudi Resort in Kollam
  • Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort in Kovalam
  • Keraleeyam Heritage Home in Alleppey
  • Ayurvedic Resort in Alleppey
  • Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort in Palakkad

Increasing Demand of Ayurveda

Visitors, not only Indian but foreigners are also eager to experience the bliss of Ayurveda. The Kerala Ayurvedic resorts offer the travelers multiple Ayurveda tour deals in Kerala including eating plan, spa, massage, yoga-meditation and treatment. Ayurveda massage is an importance remedy that may be used to men and women with no age bar.

Kerala Ayurveda Treatment
Kerala Ayurveda Treatment

Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment uses medicated oils, drugs or powder prepared from natural herbs and plants as a result causing no side-effects.

Ayurvedic treatment also contributes in making the body more responsive to medicines and cures you by balancing the doshas which is a quick way of the healing process.

Yoga exercises help in strengthening the muscles, bones and many important organs like liver & heart, thus improve the blood circulation.

Ayurvedic therapies and meditation aid in calming down the nerves and relieve you of all the stress  of day-to-day life.

Panchakarma and Yoga exercises are also helpful in removing the harmful toxins from you body and thus making you feel relaxed.

Branches of Ayurveda

Following are eight branches of Ayurveda:

  • Kayachikitsa-Internal Medicine
  • Kaumarabhritya Tantra-Pediatrics
  • Bhuta Vidya-Psychology/Psychiatry
  • Shalakya Tantra-Ears, eyes, nose and throat
  • Shalya Tantra-Surgery
  • Agada Tantra-Toxicology
  • Rasayana Tantra-Rejuvenation
  • Vajikarana Tantra-Fertility Therapy

The wonderful massage with perfect healing touch really energized me!

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Kerala Ayurveda: Art to Revitalize Yourself

I had enjoyed enough of Kumarakom Backwater Cruises in Kerala. Later I started my exploration for sheer hospitality, luxurious aura and blissful Ayurvedic therapy. While going through Kerala travel guide, I came to know that the science of Ayurveda was originated in India around 5000 years ago, and it still occupies a prized place in Kerala. While exploring Kumarakom, I noticed that the place was blessed with rich flora consisting of rare herbs and natural oils.

Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda

I was booked in ‘Coconut Lagoon’ – a CGH Earth Group Enterprise (formerly known as the Casino Group). The respective luxurious resort is located amidst palm trees on the eastern shore of Lake Vembanad, at the mouth of the Kavanar River. I could see abandoned coconut plantations all around. The place was designed to give visitors an authentic insight into Kuttanad life. Moreover, the vast Vembanad Lake also adds to the beauty of the place.

I was provided with an AC cottage and I free to avail facilities like swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant and Ayurvedic massage centre. Those small cottages are called ‘Tharavadu’ in local language. The best part was that I could enjoy magnificent views of Lake Vembanad from my room. The staff there told me that the resort offers a plethora of magical Ayurvedic massages by experienced masseurs that have the power to cure any chronic ailment like arthritis, paralysis, obesity, sinusitis, migraine, premature ageing and skin problems etc. And such therapies are performed under the guidance of expert vaidyas (physicians).

I observed all the eight branches of Kerala Ayurveda there, which include: Internal Medicine (Kayachikitsa), Pediatrics (Kaumarabhritya Tantra), Psychology/Psychiatry (Bhuta Vidya), Ears-eyes-nose-throat (Shalakya Tantra), Surgery (Shalya Tantra), Toxicology (Agada Tantra), Rejuvenation (Rasayana Tantra) and Fertility Therapy (Vajikarana Tantra). As I was on a relaxing vacation in Kerala, I preferred going through a rejuvenation therapy. The therapists there gave me an awesome massage with natural herbs and medicated oil. It helped in refreshing my mind as well as senses.

Lastly, I asked the manager for some leisure activities, to which he provided me with an assistant for sunset cruise. Spending the waning hours of the afternoon just watching the sun go down was an incomparable experience. This relaxing trip was fascinating in every perspective.

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