Spending Memorable Vacations in Kerala

I was extremely excited when we decided to visit Kerala for the honeymoon. It is the only destination that had allured me since the time I started experiencing Ayurveda. After watching dream locations in movies and reading about the Ayurveda, Kerala was my dream destination. When I got the opportunity to explore it with my life partner, it was like icing on the cake.

Ayurveda Massage
Ayurveda Massage

In the very next week of our wedding, we got the chance to explore Kerala and believe me that was like a dream coming true. I was desperately waiting for the day, when we would fly to the beautiful state of south India and it was really a tough job to wait.

Finally, the day approached and we took a flight from New Delhi and reached Kozhikode Airport. From there we hired a private car and reached our destination hotel. As it was middle of the day, so we decided to take the rest for that day.

Next morning, we started our day with Kerala Ayurveda massage to revitalize our body and soul. Use of aroma oils by skilled therapists made it an unforgettable experience. That was simply different from the treatment I had taken in Delhi. One can choose the treatment from a long list of Kerala Ayurveda therapies. Ayurveda massages not only revitalize your body but is the base of natural healing treatment with the help of plant based medicines.

Later on, we moved to explore the sun kissed beaches of Kerala. It is really hard to explore every beach of Kerala in one single trip as this amazing state is full of beaches. So, we finalized only five beaches and that too for different days. Those five names include Kovalam Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Kappad Beach, Varkala Beach and Beypore Beach.

After reaching Kovalam beach, I understood why people love to visit beaches. 17 km coastline and cluster of three beaches can not be explained in words. Breathtaking sea views and endless sight of coconut trees create a fascinating environment. For the next four days we enjoyed a quality time on  rest of the beaches.

Kerala Vacation
Kerala Vacation

Then, it was the time to enjoy some more quality moments and to start the new life in the beautiful houseboats in the backwaters of Kerala. This was the most fascinating time in the complete trip. Made up of natural elements borrowed from mother nature, these house boats are something out of the world. Charismatic ride on those classical Kerala houseboats and interconnected canals gave us a chance to explore the green land in the most beautiful way.

Our  Kerala vacation was over but still we were not in a mood to go back in that hustle bustle of Delhi. The whole tour was amazing. We took the same route and came back with lots of golden memories. The only thing I can say about our  Kerala honeymoon tour was it was truly amazing to know my life partner in the mesmerizing views of Kerala.

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Kerala Beaches – Unwind Yourself in the Lap of Nature

I am fond of reading travel magazines. The very reason is to get more and more information about a particular place like its culture, people, attractions and specialty. While reading, I came across few destinations in India, which are renowned for their beaches.  Kerala is one such destination that is renowned for its breathtaking beaches which I visited few months back with my family.

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam Beach

Enveloped with sheer beauty, Kerala beaches are perfect destinations to enjoy vacation. We embarked on Kerala Beach Tour, which is a popular theme of the tour. The beaches spread over 600 km area and are gorgeous. Beaches are beautifully dotted with unlimited scintillating golden sands and swaying coconut trees which make them an ideal sport for relaxing.

Some of the most famous beaches of Kerala are:

  • Kovalam Beach
  • Kumarakom Beach
  • Alleppey Beach
  • Beypore Beach
  • Varkala Beach
  • Marai Beach
  • Kappad Beach
  • Sankhumugham Beach
  • Thirumullavaram Beach
  • Thangassery Beach

However, during our 10 days Kerala tour we could explore only three beaches, which are:

Marari Beach
We started for Marari beach from Cochin and soon we were in this tranquil destination. This beach destination is renowned across the world for its beautiful sandy stretch, azure sea and scenic atmosphere. The composite beauty of nature made us captivated till the time we stayed there. Marari Beach is also famous for rejuvenating Ayurveda therapies. I too had a refreshing experience in one of the Ayurveda centers that offers various treatments. After visiting the center, I felt myself rejuvenated like never before.

Varkala Beach
Our second beach destination was Varkala Beach, occupying a significant place on the tour itinerary. The guide who was making our all doubts clear during our tour, told us about the beach that it is renowned for its mineral water springs which are said to have medicinal properties.Like us, many tourists also visit the beach to explore the breathtaking beauty and to relax sometime in the lap of nature. This beach has also great importance as one of the well-known pilgrimage centres in Kerala.

Varkala Beach Kerala
Varkala Beach Kerala

Kovalam Beach
We heard a lot about Kovalam Beach and I read a lot about this beach in a travel magazine. Surrounded by lush greens, this charming beach consists of three small crescent beaches. These are Lighthouse beach in the southern most, Hawah beach in the middle and Samudra beach in the northern most. Its pleasant tropical climate helped us to enjoy the activities like surfing, wooden boat ride and shopping.

With lots of unforgettable memories during our Kerala Beach Tour, we bid goodbye to God’s own country.

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Experience the Best of Nature Glamour during Kerala Tour

Kerala Backwater Tour

The name of Kerala always conjures my mind with an image of the sun-kissed beaches, the misty hill stations, the enchanting backwaters and the forestlands rich in flora and fauna. Because of its celestial beauty National Geographic Traveler Magazine ranked Kerala a ‘Ten Paradise of the World’ and ‘Fifty Places of a Lifetime’.

This recognition is enough, which lures scores of tourists to this place from across the globe. And I am one of them who visited this land of scenic beauty with my two friends last month. We took customized Kerala Travel Guide from a travel agent at budgeted rates. This 4 day and 4 nights tour package was efficiently designed that provided us a chance to explore and experience the myriad facets of Kerala Tourism.

The first day of our Kerala Tour is dedicated for beaches. We spent almost whole day at Kovalam beach. This is a cluster of three crescent shaped beaches whose charm is renowned throughout the world. We enjoyed the scenic composition of sea, sun and sand at our best. The pristine, serene and scenic ambience of this place enthralls us most. This beach is also ideal for water sports activities like Kayaking, Swimming, Surfing and Skiing.

Next day of our tour was dedicated for backwater cruise. The Kerala Backwaters are a labyrinthine network of 900 km of waterways interconnected with canals, rivers, lakes and inlets. It is the uniqueness of Kerala Tourism, which gave us chance to experience the natures jubilant scattered in the form of land, sea and sky. ‘Kettuvalams’ popularly known as Kerala houseboats are the ideal way to enjoy Kerala Backwater Cruise.

With Kerala backwater Cruise, we experienced nature’s breathtaking beauty with the soothing sound of water rippling alongside the houseboat. During our cruise, we experienced kaleidoscopic view of countryside, swaying palm trees, emerald rice fields and several historical monuments on the bank. We were totally engrossed by nature’s jubilant beauty. The ecstasy we felt cannot be expressed in words.

After spending memorable night stay in a leisurely flowing houseboat, we reached Periyar in the morning. It is among the famous of all Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries known for its exotic collections of flora and fauna. This national park is located on the bank of Periyar Lake and sprawled over an area of 777 Sq.km. The exotic collection of flora and fauna species make this place a heart throbbing destination. Whole day we spent in this wildlife reserve sighting many animals, bird species and floral species. Some of the most sighted wild animals are wild elephants, Sloth Bears, wild boars and Stripe-necked Mongoose.

After enjoying nature’s beauty, we went to dance theater to experience the rich culture fiesta of this state. Here we saw Kathakali the most renowned dance drama of all Kerala dances. It is a classical dance-drama known for its unique combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance. The word Kathakali literally means Story-Play. The themes of the Kathakali are religious in nature whose stories are taken from religious scriptures.

Next and the last stop over of our itinerary were at a restaurant whose delicious dishes are known across the globe. Here we ate typical Kerala Cuisine whose taste still titillates my taste buds. After satisfying our appetite, we went to airport and good-bye this land of God’s own Country.

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