View the Historic Attractions with Kasargod Tour

On our India tour, we got an opportunity to visit Kerala, the God’s own country. I and Denis decided to go to Kasargod. To reach there, we landed at Manglore airport, situated 50 km from the state. The trip was supposed to be interesting as we were visiting Kerala for the first time.

On being reached there, we stayed in a good hotel and has a quick routine round up to freshen up ourselves. Enjoying the facilities and beautiful view of our room, we made a plan to explore Kasargod.

Bekal Fort
Bekal Fort

We started from the most famous destination -Bekal Fort. Standing amidst the roaring music of the sea and unlimited waves in its background, this fort is among the best-preserved forts in Kerala. It was just 16 km from the south of Kasargod located on the national highway. Bekal fort has a circular impressive structure that rises 130 ft. above sea level and stands about 40 acres of land.

Being made in a shape of a gigantic keyhole, this historic fort offers best view of the Arabian Sea from its observation towers. Huge cannons were placed on these tall towers centuries before. We entered through a zigzag entrance and saw the trenches around the fort that looked amazing. The fort is the finest example of the defense strategy.

When we reached outside, Denis denoted to an old mosque. The guide told us that it was built by the valiant Tipu Sultan of Mysore. There is an observation tower amidst the fort. We had to climb a broad flight of stairs to reach there.

Then I insisted Denis to visit the temples of Kasargod. At first, he was not ready but I persuaded him and we headed to Ananthapura Lake Temple. Devoted to Lord Anantha Padmanabha, the temple is built in the middle of a small pond. There is no external source of water to supply the pond but rain only.

With each passing day, our curiosity to explore the Kasargod was increasing. We both wanted to make the most of our visit to Kerala. Next attraction which we visited was Chandragiri Fort. The guide who accompanied us, told that the fort was built in 17th century by Shivappa Nayaka of Bedanore. A small mosque was also situated near but we could not visit it.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
Ananthapura Lake Temple

Next day, we also visited Madiyan Kulom temple, located in Ajanur village. Devoted to goddess Bhadrakali, the temple also houses some other deities like Bhagavathi, Kshetrapalan and Bhairavan.

Enjoying traditional cuisine, having the glimpses of Indian culture and viewing the historic monuments altogether was a great experience.

Renowned for its illustrious scholars who belong to Kuttamath Kunniyur family, Cheruvathur is another interesting place which we visited. The main attraction is the ruins of a Dutch fort, dating back to 18th century.

The trip ended and we bid goodbye to this wonderful place with a heavy heart but we were happy to have the snaps of our tour.

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Spending Memorable Vacations in Kerala

I was extremely excited when we decided to visit Kerala for the honeymoon. It is the only destination that had allured me since the time I started experiencing Ayurveda. After watching dream locations in movies and reading about the Ayurveda, Kerala was my dream destination. When I got the opportunity to explore it with my life partner, it was like icing on the cake.

Ayurveda Massage
Ayurveda Massage

In the very next week of our wedding, we got the chance to explore Kerala and believe me that was like a dream coming true. I was desperately waiting for the day, when we would fly to the beautiful state of south India and it was really a tough job to wait.

Finally, the day approached and we took a flight from New Delhi and reached Kozhikode Airport. From there we hired a private car and reached our destination hotel. As it was middle of the day, so we decided to take the rest for that day.

Next morning, we started our day with Kerala Ayurveda massage to revitalize our body and soul. Use of aroma oils by skilled therapists made it an unforgettable experience. That was simply different from the treatment I had taken in Delhi. One can choose the treatment from a long list of Kerala Ayurveda therapies. Ayurveda massages not only revitalize your body but is the base of natural healing treatment with the help of plant based medicines.

Later on, we moved to explore the sun kissed beaches of Kerala. It is really hard to explore every beach of Kerala in one single trip as this amazing state is full of beaches. So, we finalized only five beaches and that too for different days. Those five names include Kovalam Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Kappad Beach, Varkala Beach and Beypore Beach.

After reaching Kovalam beach, I understood why people love to visit beaches. 17 km coastline and cluster of three beaches can not be explained in words. Breathtaking sea views and endless sight of coconut trees create a fascinating environment. For the next four days we enjoyed a quality time on  rest of the beaches.

Kerala Vacation
Kerala Vacation

Then, it was the time to enjoy some more quality moments and to start the new life in the beautiful houseboats in the backwaters of Kerala. This was the most fascinating time in the complete trip. Made up of natural elements borrowed from mother nature, these house boats are something out of the world. Charismatic ride on those classical Kerala houseboats and interconnected canals gave us a chance to explore the green land in the most beautiful way.

Our  Kerala vacation was over but still we were not in a mood to go back in that hustle bustle of Delhi. The whole tour was amazing. We took the same route and came back with lots of golden memories. The only thing I can say about our  Kerala honeymoon tour was it was truly amazing to know my life partner in the mesmerizing views of Kerala.

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Visit Kerala – A Home to Aromatic Delights

Spice Plantations Kerala
Spice Plantations Kerala

Recently, I got an opportunity to experience the pure and untouched nature during my Kerala tour.  We a group of four friends went there. I had heard a lot about Kerala from one of my colleagues, whose native land was Kerala. She used to talk about the spice plantations of Kerala. I always used to relish her food in lunchtime as it was enriched with the aromatic flavour of Kerala, the hub of spices.

The reason why I felt like going there was its picturesque surroundings of gardens. We planned a trip just after the monsoons and reached there in day time. After taking rest, we headed towards the greens of Idukki, which is called as the spice land of India.

Our knowledgeable guide shared his knowledge with us and told us that the climate and soil conditions of the hilly areas of this land make it best suited for tea cultivation. He plucked some green leaves and showed us. We saw that the shiny green leaves had pointed ends with a pleasant aroma. The trees were planted at a distance of 1 to 1.5 meter along the landscape. The guide told us that Cochin is the place which is known for producing spices. The traders dealing in spices also meet at the same place, which is actually the spice market of Kerala.

As we drove through the thick forests on a road that passes through several tunnels, we witnessed nature in a new form which was a great visual treat for us. Soon we reached in a place where we were enveloped in the unmatched aroma of the spice plantations. I was so delighted to find the spice gardens and tea plantations in front of my eyes. At the edge of the Periyar, we found many spices gardens. There were dense forests, dwelling at a height of 800-1000 meters which preserved the exotic flavours.

As we moved ahead towards Munnar and Wayanad, we were amazed to find some fragrances of coffee, black pepper and cardamom. We saw the clusters of black pepper plants. As we drove by, there were stretches of cardamom plantations. I decided to get down from the car to pick up some fresh cardamom. My friends also accompanied me. After collecting some cardamom and black peppers from trees, I run a few step and saw clove vegetation. All my three friends were busy in sorting out the other spices like black pepper, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, nutmeg and cinnamon.

It was an exciting and fun-filled experience that made us forget everything for some time. I simply lost myself in the captivating beauty of the gardens and plantations. After coming back, when I shared my tour experience of Kerala with my family members, I felt nostalgic.

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